What we can do for you:

Ffa-la-la has created a methodology that focuses on developing and improving Welsh language skills, and pupils will have FUN doing it!

  • DEVELOP pupils’ Welsh language skills.

  • Make teaching Welsh EASY and FUN for your staff.

  • Ensure that every child will be familiar with SENTENCE PATTERNS from the ‘Continuum of Welsh language Patterns’.

  • GUARANTEE that every child will LOVE the Ffa-la-la way of learning.

  • Provide resources to SUPPORT the programme e.g MUSIC, SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES, WRITTEN ACTIVITIES.

Ffa-la-la Training Courses

On-line training courses developing Welsh second language oracy skills.

These highly practical training programmes will support practitioners in developing pupils’ Welsh second language oracy skills. The courses focus on developing oracy skills by using elements of the expressive arts and are structured around teaching sentence patterns selected from the ‘Continuum of Welsh Language Patterns’.